Monica Shoes

Our company produces and distributes, inside the fashion footwear district, products for women and men.

The realization of the models, the choice of materials and any combination of them is the result of a family that belongs to this area for over 30 years. Every detail is followed from its origin to obtain a product entirely made in Italy with excellent value for money. Our style is informal, young, colorful, to a modern consumer who is sensitive to fashion, but also attentive to the price, with a feature the ability to customize, on many items, your choice, coordinating colors and shapes according to their taste. Monica shoes produce shoes by 30 years and has entered in the world of retail sales in April 2005, backed by constant innovation of the brothers Vellutini. To date we have 5 stores located in major historic centers of the districts of Lucca, Pistoia (Montecatini Terme) and Florence (Empoli) and in addition in the factoty there is a great outlet space open to the public. The impact is warm and friendly atmosphere to offer their clients a choice and try many shoes with the help of people who take the experience of those who produce the shoes as well as sell them.

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